Madras Sambar
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Madras Sambar

“Food Network”: Madras Sambar being made at Jyoti Foods

“Sambar is a thick soup made from Toor Dal….flavored with bits of vegetables, tamarind and unknown spices and it is extravagantly good.” -Jim Quinn, The Philadelphia Inquirer Feedback Rating:     1 star1 star1 star1 star

It’s 100% vegetarian and very delicious! Easy to heat up and serve! The taste is very close to home-made sambar. We always order a case of 12 whenever we run out of it. fast shipping!:)I like most of the Jyoti products. -Katerina

Jyoti Madras Sambar is a fragrant side dish or a soup made with Toor dal, an Indian lentil and freshly chopped onion, bell pepper, eggplant and carrots. Requires half can of water to be added. Serve as a soup or with rice, Idli (steamed rice cakes),  Dosa (lentil crepes), pasta or breads.

Water, Toor Dal, Vegetables (onion, bell pepper, eggplant, carrot and okra), non-GMO Soybean oil, tomato, salt, tamarind, coconut and spices.

Madras Sambar is normally served with unsalted rice and breads which share it’s salt content.

Various recipes using Madras Sambar are on the package, back of the label, and here.

Cans, 15 oz net weight (425g)

3 years



Madras Sambar Gluten Analysis

Madras Sambar

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