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Nutrition Facts:

Garbanzo Beans (Chickpeas)

Organic Garbanzo Beans in water with sodium and calcium from seawater.Grown, Processed and Packed in the USA.

Recipes for Hummus, Salads and Chicken Chickpea Stew are on the package.

BPA Free Pouches, 10 oz net weight (284 g)

2 years

  • All beans, being field grown, contain field debris (stones, twigs, bag fiber etc) some of which remains with the beans even after cleaning by the bean suppliers. This is a universal problem with beans, peas and grains, and the machines used by food processors even today are quite inadequate. Vijai at JYOTI Foods invented vastly superior Bean Cleaning technology (US Patent 5,769,238, one of Vijai’s 24 US Patents), which has been the basis for JYOTI Foods plant and continued existence.
  • All our beans are cleansed of debris and stones using our invention, named SHRI Technology (SHRI was Vijai’s father’s name) and licensed to Food processors worldwide, including HORMEL FOODS, USA. For understanding SHRI Technology, please click on the ‘SHRI TECHNOLOGY’ button.
  • We pack our beans in pouches – nobody else does this ! Not yet !!
    Beans packed in pouches have an advantage over canned beans – they don’t get mushy and compacted. Every bean comes out of the pouch easily and is shiny and beautiful. Beans in the bottom of cans often need to be spooned out as mush.




Garbanzo Beans (Chickpeas)

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