dinner epilogue

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Dinner Epilogue

An Ayurvedic Mouth Freshener and Digestive with Fennel and other ingredients. Fennel is the main component which is widely used in Mediterranean and Indian cuisines. Besides fennel, there are other Ayurvedic components: sesame and coriander seeds, coconut, peppermint and rose extract. All natural!

The secret behind the word MARATHONThe Greek name for fennel is MARATHON (μάραθον) or marathos (μάραθος), and the place of the famous battle of Marathon and the subsequent sports event Marathon (Μαραθών), literally means a plain with fennels. In Greek mythology, Prometheus used the stalk of a fennel plant to steal fire from the gods. -Quotes from Wikipedia

Dinner Epilogue contains three different styles of Fennel:

ROASTED, fennel seed
Dark green, baby fennel seeds, known as Lucknow Fennel
Sugar coated fennel

Dinner Epilogue

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