Delhi Saag
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Delhi Saag

“Sambar is a thick soup… and it is extravagantly good. Saag is even better!” -Jim Quinn,
The Philadelphia Inquirer

“If you have been frightened by canned spinach all your life, do give their Saag atry – it’s a delicious way to get some greens into your diet.” -The Shuttle, Weaver’s Way Co-Op Feedback Rating: 1 star1 star1 star1 star1 star

“Its so good that its almost addictive. Stay away or get addicted for life.So I am a sucker for Saag. Its my favorite food in the universe (yes for me, it even beats medium cooked steak). Unfortunately in Seattle I have had a lot of trouble finding it… All I need to do is to figure out how to order enough to last me for a lifetime.” –AmanPervaiz “aryanpervaiz” (TX)

Delhi Saag is a greens dish served as a vegetable side dish, as a cooking sauce, soup base or on pasta. The natural taste of spinach and mustard greens is enhanced with ginger, hot peppers and lemon juice. No spices are added.

Spinach, mustard greens, water, fresh onions, non-GMO (soybean oil, corn meal and starch) fresh ginger and hot peppers, lemon juice and salt.

Delhi Saag is normally served with unsalted rice and breads which share it’s salt content.

Various recipes using Delhi Saag, such as a soup base and Tofu-Saag are on the package, back of the label, and here.

Cans, 15 oz net weight (425g)

3 years



Delhi Saag Gluten Analysis

Delhi Saag

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