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Channa Dal with Zucchini

Channa Dal (Baby Dark Chickpea Kernel) in their own buttery sauce with zucchini squash. Add ¼ cup water, heat and serve as a side dish or entrée with rice and breads.  Add ½ cup water to serve as a soup.

Recipes using Chana Dal for Soup and a stew are on the package, and here.

Filtered water, Channa Dal Kernel, tomato, freshly diced onion, Urad Bean kernel, butter, spinach, ginger, garlic, sea salt, spices and mustard oil.

Butter (milk)

Channa Dal is normally served with unsalted rice and breads which share it’s salt content.

BPA Free Pouches, 10 oz net weight (285 g)

2 years



Channa Dal with Zucchini

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