Shelf Stable: Food Service Pouches

Shelf stable foods, requiring no refrigeration for two years, can very significantly reduce costs in food service. Thus far, such shelf stable foods have not been good enough in overall quality for the institutional kitchens. With new Technologies, we are changing that. We make shelf stable foods in 2-4 lb packs that are equally good or better than similar dishes, freshly prepared by chefs in the kitchen. We use retortable pouches instead of cans, adding a lot more convenience to opening, emptying and disposing the container. Pouches have 18 -24 month shelf life and take much less shelf space than the metal cans.

RTE BEANS: Beans are traditionally packed in # 10 metal cans. While cooking in the cans, beans swell and mush against each other because of confinement. We pack such beans in 4 lb pouches, which offer freedom for beans to swell without mushing each other, providing perfect cooked beans ready for soups, salads etc. Our Beans are cleaned via our patented technology that delivers the cleanest beans, licensed to Hormel Foods among others, and described under ‘Bean Cleaning technology’ on the home page. Any dry bean, including ‘organic’ can be packed to order, with a minimum of 500 pouches.

Drained weight of pouches is ~ 80% while metal cans deliver 65-70% only. Thus, one pouch delivers about 2/3rd the amount of beans that one #10 can does.

Opening, emptying and disposal of pouches is so much easier than metal cans that we export pinto beans in pouches to Mexico for institutional use.

4 lb Beans in clear pouches, fully cooked in water with only a little salt added.

Pinto beans

Pinto beans in clear pouch, not mushy like canned beans.

RTE RICE: Our patent pending technology, referred to as the VJ Process, produces rice dishes in shelf stable pouches that look nicer and are more delicious than most of those freshly prepared on the stove top. We make various rice products, plain rice (Basmati, Brown rice etc.) as well as seasoned and blended rice dishes like Rice and Beans, Cajun Rice and Rice with Vegetables.

Ready to Eat Rice

Ready to Eat Rice PouchesJyoti Natural Foods now offers retailers access to a new technology for their private label programs that delivers shelf-stable ready-to-eat rice or rice blends. The “VJ Process” produces shelf-stable rice pouches, cups and tubs that are good for two years without refrigeration. The new technology is said to maintain the moisture and structure of the rice for a product that is light and fluffy, unlike other technologies which are said to leave rice dry or clumped together.

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COOKING SAUCES: Various cooking sauces like Tikka Masala, Rogan Josh, Coconut Curry or Jal Farezi are available from us in 4 lb shelf stable packs.

These sauces enable the institutional kitchens to easily produce freshly made Indian foods with authentic tastes and aromas.

READY-TO-EAT ENTREÉS: Various ready to eat Vegetarian Entrées made by JYOTI in consumer size packs are also available in 3-4 lb, shelf stable Food Service Pouches. Foil pouches have 24 month shelf life, while the clear pouches are good for 18 months.