5 Easy to cook Indian Non – Veg Recipes

Jyoti Foods bring to you a collection of easy to cook, Indian, Non – Veg Recipes that you can make in a matter of minutes. These dishes are rich in protein and hence a healthy option for parties and get togethers.5 Easy to cook Indian Non – Veg Recipes Jyoti Foods bring to you a […]

Top 4 Paneer Recipes from Jyoti Foods

Paneer (Cottage Cheese) is a simple and versatile ingredient that is used and loved by most Indians. It is used in making different desserts, appetizers and main course dishes. It can blend with any other ingredient to give a variety of dishes. Here’s our pick of top 4 Paneer dishes that are simple and easy to […]

5 Vegan Products from JyotiFoods

A well-planned vegan diet can meet the dietary needs of people of all age groups. You just need to be aware of your nutritional requirements. Then you can plan your diet accordingly. Jyoti foods have a range of vegan food that will meet all your dietary requirements. Jyoti Delhi Saag (Mustard Greens and Spinach) Nutrient-rich […]

Dum Biryani

Nothing good comes easy. This is true for our today’s recipe. Although it involves lots of spices and condiments, once it is done, it will be totally worth it. The best part about Dum Biryani is that it a complete meal on its own and does not require a side dish. You can serve it […]

5 Protein-Rich Recipes from JyotiFoods

Proteins are the building blocks of life. The body needs protein to repair and maintain itself. While the body can manufacture several amino acids required for protein production, a set of essential amino acids needs to be obtained from animal and/or vegetable protein sources. It’s very important to include sufficient amount of proteins in your […]

Black Bean Organic Salad Recipe

Organic Beans are a very rich source of protein. Including a healthy amount of protein in your diet will not only ensure a healthy system, it will also help you lose weight and get the lean body that you’ve always desired. This organic black beans recipe is a powerhouse of health. It is also rich […]

3 Simmer Sauces from Jyoti Foods

Are you bored of eating the same food every day? Does your mind go completely blank the moment you enter the kitchen to prepare a meal? Well here’s a kitchen tip for you. Load your refrigerator with loads of simmer sauces. Simmer Sauces are basically readymade sauces in various flavors that do to need additional […]

5 Vegan Ready to Eat From Jyoti Foods

1. Jyoti Delhi Saag (Mustard Green) Mustard Greens more commonly known as ‘sarson ka saag’ in India is a rich source nutrients and a storehouse of energy. There are a number of benefits of including these leafy greens in your daily diet. Read more here: http://jyotifoods.com/jyoti-delhi-saag-mustard-greens-and-spinach  2. Jyoti Kala Channa (Baby Black Chickpeas) This versatile […]

5 incredibly Easy North Indian Recipes

North Indian cuisine is possibly the most  loved cuisine of the country and in the world. Almost every foodie will know what butter chicken or mattar paneer is. The characteristic flavor of these dishes come from   traditional spices. The creamy curries and shimmering sauces are a delight for any dinner table. Jyoti Food has a […]

Masala Dalia Recipe

Dalia is a popular breakfast cereal in India made with whole wheat grits or broken wheat. It is a complex carbohydrate that releases energy at a show and sustained rate. This type of food is ideal for people who wish to lose weight and also people who are diabetic. It is also a highly fiber […]

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