Centerpiece Column in the world famous “Sculptor Garden”, Oslo, Norway.

We are a family that looks after each other, and works with a common goal to improve products, processes, equipment and work environment.

We have a lady who has a mute, deaf and nearly blind son. Fourteen years ago, we arranged the ‘special school’ bus to bring the boy to our factory after school, where a room was set up for him to play, sleep or what ever, while the mother could work and make a living. The boy is now grown up. The mother is in-charge of our Food Service activity.

Another young woman with us for 12 years had two little children, and a husband in jail, where he was frequently for abusing her. Her elder daughter is now a senior in High school and writes published poetry, and blogs for Google, the younger one is not far behind. She has her own apartment and car, and is protected from the abusive, drunkard husband. She is a group leader now.

For years, we generally drove our team members home after work, and always did so on cold or snowy days or when working late. Today so many of them have their own cars and own homes (three bought their own homes within 2012) that they car pool. When one member has to work late, the car pool waits ! Several team members have obtained ‘green cards’ on our sponsorship.

We have five married couple in our team who work separately but eat together.

Our mechanics routinely go and fix mechanical, electrical and plumbing problems at fellow team member’s homes. They feel good doing so and get fed well !



Since 1980, we have used UNICEF cards to announce gifts from customers who wanted an announcement in gift shipments.