Most of the packaging material we use is recyclable. The cans we use are made with 60 + % recycled steel.

Water & Energy Conservation: A lot of cooling water is required to cool the pouches and cans after those are sterilized at 245 ºF in retorts shown below, that weight 10,000 lb with load. We use city water for cooling in winter and well water for cooling in summer. The very hot water produced from cooling is stored in insulated tanks and is piped around the building for washing the floors and non-food machinery. Warm water is sent back to a receiving well.

  • water-storage
  • sterilizers

Waste Cardboard: We receive a lot of produce and supplies in cardboard boxes. Some of that cardboard is converted into cushioning material for our out going shipments. The rest is made into bales that are recycled to the paper industry.

Waste Cooking Oil: We keep frying oil very fresh for making snacks, Poori etc. Used oil is recycled for Bio-Fuel.

  • cushion-material
  • Recycle Bales to paper
  • waste-oil