3 Simmer Sauces from Jyoti Foods

Are you bored of eating the same food every day? Does your mind go completely blank the moment you enter the kitchen to prepare a meal?

Well here’s a kitchen tip for you. Load your refrigerator with loads of simmer sauces. Simmer Sauces are basically readymade sauces in various flavors that do to need additional spices or seasoning. You can normally just add your choice of meat or vegetable to it and voila! You have a dish ready.

JyotiFoods brings to you 3 readymade simmer sauces that will ensure that you have something new for your dinner table every night. These Indian sauces are rich in flavor and made from the freshest of ingredients. You can cook countless recipes with these sauces.

JYOTi Rogan Josh Simmer SauceRogan Josh Sauce

This versatile tomato-based sauce, characteristic of Indian Mughal cuisine, features buttermilk, onions, ginger and spices. It is a robust base for curries containing vegetables such as beans, cauliflower, potatoes and red meats, especially lamb.

Ingredients: Water, Fresh Onions, Fresh Buttermilk, Soybean Oil, Tomatoes, Corn Starch, Spices, Salt and Fresh Ginger.

Jyoti Saffron Cream SauceSaffron sauce

With the enticing aroma of saffron, this mild, cream-based simmer sauce is an excellent base for vegetables, seafood of any variety, malai chicken, & kofta (meat balls). You will not want to leave a drop of this sauce behind on your plate!

Ingredients: Water, Crushed Tomatoes, Fresh Onions, Dairy Fresh Cream, Sour Cream, Soybean Oil, Corn Starch, Fresh Ginger, Salt, Spices and Pure Saffron

Jyoti Classic Masala SauceClassic Masala Sauce

The most versatile sauce for northern Indian cuisine, this tomato, garlic and onion-based sauce is made aromatic and flavorful with an array of traditional Indian spices and will serve as the foundation for any combination of vegetables, chicken, and/or seafood that you like.

Ingredients: Water, Fresh Onions, Tomatoes, Soybean Oil, Corn Starch, Fresh Ginger, Salt, Spices and Lemon Juice.